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Drilling Data Quality & Uncertainty Description

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Meeting Feb 6, 2024

- submission of manuscript "Analysis Of The Sources Of Uncertainty In Geopressure Estimation While Drilling" to SPE-Journal has been rejected without possibilities for re-submission. Paper is nevertheless available as SPE-214962-MS (conference paper) on onepetro.

- review of presentation for paper SPE-217668-MS "The Role Of Semantic Networks In Mitigating Risk During Data Exchange In Multi-disciplinary Well Construction":

+ suggested to have indicator about the differences in the EMW plots

+ add a fourth conclusion about the potential severity of misinterpretation of EMW exchanged by computer systems.

- no objections from neither SPE-DSATS, nor SPE-DUPTS that task forces are established to work on specific short lasting task. However, it is pointed that there is a risk that our work may be overlooked because this will be made outside an official SPE framework.

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