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DSATS is the Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Our purpose is to accelerate the development and implementation of systems automation in the well drilling industry by supporting initiatives that communicate the technology, recommend best practices, standardize nomenclature and help define the value of drilling systems automation. Appropriate initiatives include workshops, forums, lectures, and technical and white papers.

DSATS actively encourages the participation of automation experts from outside the drilling industry as well as those from within.

Dimitrios Pirovolou - Chairman
Calvin Holt - Program Chair - DSATS V2
Robert Darbe - Treasurer
Sam Dharmaselvan - Administrative Chair
Deep Joshi - Membership Chair
Edgard Castillo - Online Community Webmaster

Austin Groover - Program Chair - North America

Nestor Ruiz - Program Chair - South America
Serafima Schaefer - Program Chair - Europe/Sub Sahara Africa
Mohammad Zair Khan - Program Chair - Middle East

Bineet Kumar Tripathi - Program Chair - Asia

Roman Shor - Chair for University Relations

Enrique Losoya - Deputy Chair for University Relations

Board Members
Mark Anderson
Moray Laing
Pradeep Annaiyappa
Robert Wylie
Tony Pink
Karma Slusarchuk

Emeritus Board Member(s)
Fred Florence
John de Wardt
John Macpherson

Society of Petroleum Engineers – Staff Member
Greg Hickey

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