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The leadership of DSATS launched an initiative at the end of 2021, asking for members of the section to form a workgroup with the objective to re-launch the technical section. This included taking a look at the way the section operates and looking for ways to improve it, how the section interacts with the members and other industry entities working on automation, identifying new topics of interest that can be used to launch technical activities, and last but not least how to engage new members in the leadership team as well as in the various on-going and new section activities.

A group of thirty industry peers worked for a period of three months and came up with a proposal on how to re-launch DSATS. At a high level, the proposal identified several new directions that DSATS should support (e.g. interoperability, Human Factors, ESG, geothermal, Verification & Validation, to name just a few). For each one of these areas, the team came up with a list of topics/ideas that could evolve into activities of the section, based on the level of interest they create with the members.

A document with full details will be available through the new DSATS website once launched in the next few weeks. It is intended to be a “live” document, updated with new suggestions ideas, and to serve as a pool of activities that the leadership team can draw from in order to launch new initiatives over the next few years.

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