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Verification & Validation

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Ideas on adoption of Verification and Validation

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    Moray Laing
    April 18, 2023 · changed the group description.

    The scope & purpose of the Verification and Validation Subcommittee is to increase awareness and understanding of the relevance of verification and validation in drilling systems automation. The results from the work done in the Subcommittee will be available publicly to benefit Oil & Gas Operators, Drilling Contractors, Service Companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Component Suppliers, Professional Organizations, Academia, companies outside oil and gas and Consulting Organizations.


  • JC

    What do you hope is achieved by this team ? Leave your thoughts here

  • Verification and Validation SPE Paper

    A paper I co-authored describes the envisioned V&V process for drilling sensors and systems using systems engineering methodology SPE 199589


  • Moray Laing


      The scope & purpose of the Verification and Validation Subco...

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