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Drilling Data Quality & Uncertainty Description

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Meeting Nov 8, 2023.

- Paper SPE-217668-MS "The Role Of Semantic Networks In Mitigating Risk During Data Exchange In Multi-disciplinary Well Construction" is almost ready for upload on the SPE portal. Last edits are expected to be performed before the end of the weekend.

- Paper SPE-214962 "Analysis Of The Sources Of Uncertainty In Geopressure Estimation While Drilling": a couple of points have been added in the discussion section. Co-authors shall continue editing the "Discussion" until 1st week of Dec. Afterward the paper will be submitted for peer-reviewing.

- discussion around a possible new investigation topic has been started. The new topic is: "drilling data model with embedded uncertainty description and possibilities for semantic descriptions". It has been found that this is a relevant but ambitious idea. We found that we will sunset the sub-committee as planned, but we will propose the parent SPE Technical Sections if a new sub-committee shall be started to address the proposed idea. Also the technical section "Data Science and Engineering" could be invited in the decision making.

- another continuation idea has also been proposed: "the importance of uncertainty for economic evaluations". This is also recognized as a good idea. It will be also proposed to the parent technical sections whether this idea should turn into a sub-committee. Additional potential technical section could be CCUS.

Moray Laing
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